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OxBridge Centre UK is known for its quality publications and expert tuition. Here, in our activities portal, we provide you with a selection of our free-to-use resources to help you be more productive at home.

Free Lesson Broadcasts

OxBridge Centre is currently offering lessons broadcast for free on Facebook Live. Tune in each Wednesday at 11am to to join the fun!

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Catch up with past broadcasts below:


Resources for broadcast lessons:

Download Lesson 1

Broadcast 1 - Converting measures for baking!

Download Lesson 2

Broadcast 2 - History's methods of multiplication.

Download Lesson 3

Broadcast 3 - Visualising operations with fractions.

Download Lesson 4

Broadcast 4 - Roots and Squares.

And More...!

Free Materials

We have published a selection of worksheets and activities for you to use at home. These are *free* to download and use!

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Online Courses

Livestreamed Tuition

OxBridge has entered the digital age! Though our centres are closed, our expert tutors are continuing to offer all of their usual classes and special courses on our online platform.

We are offering these at a 20% discount to face-to-face tuition, so you can benefit from OxBridge tuition at home.

Online 11+

We continue to host Aplus11plus, our online video tuition platform, catering for 11+ success! This course has been tailored to provide the support needed for independent study.
As a bonus for our loyal customers, all customers who are signed up for livestream tuition can access Aplus11plus at a 50% discount.

Self-Study on Social
Holiday Tuition Courses

Our special courses over half-term and the holidays are fun tuition classes that will both challenge and encourage pupils to learn with the best tutors. Click here to find out more.

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