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Schools are closed: We are not!
Tuition for all years now being streamed online

Livestream Learners

Because of the Covid-19 crisis, OxBridge Centre UK has had to shut all centres for the well-being of our staff and customers.

  • In response, we have moved all regular lessons online onto our new live-streaming platform. Book using our....
  • Online Enquiry Form

  • In addition, we continue to offer our Online 11+ course at at a discount for all our loyal customers.
  • We are also broadcasting classes on Facebook Live every Wednesday morning at 11am.
  • Follow our Social Media or visit our home-learning page for competitions, activities, blogs and more to help you keep your children learning.

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All our best wishes!

The OxBridge Centre (UK)

OxBridge Tuition Centre

OxBridge Tuition Centre offers the best after school teaching and high quality tuition in a full range of lessons: English, maths, science and examination preparations from early learning KS1, through to 11 Plus, GCSE and up to A level. All of our materials are made uniquely based on the National Curriculum taught by top tutors.

Our tuition centres feature the best tutors all close to Kingston, in New Malden and Sutton, Surrey.

OxBridge's 11 Plus News

Click here to find out more information about the 11+ exam, including tips, intensive tuition courses and special mock tests.

Online Lesson Enquiry

Our expert tutors are teaching lessons online every day. Get in touch with us to start your online livestreamed tuition now!

Notices & News

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Regular Courses

English and Maths

English: Essay Writing & Reading Comprehension, Literacy
Maths: Core Maths, Problem Solving

English: Reading Comprehension,
Essay Writing, Literacy, VR and NVR
Maths: Core Maths, Problem Solving

English, Maths, VR and NVR

English, Maths and Science

English, Maths and Science
Special Tuition Courses

Mock Tests

Our 11 Plus mock tests aim to help students build up their confidence and help eliminate the fear of formal tests. All mock tests are done under real exam conditions to help students experience similar environments to that of the real entrance exams. Click here to find out more.

Intensive Tuition Courses

These courses introduce quality tuition at a higher level so students can become more confident as they start their new academic years. To ensure that our courses are beneficial and of the highest quality, our tutors have spent great time and effort in planning each lesson for maximum learning. Click here to find out more.

Half-term &
Holiday Tuition Courses

Our special courses over half-term and the holidays are fun tuition classes that will both challenge and encourage pupils to learn with the best tutors. Click here to find out more.

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