For YEAR 6

Essay Writing, Maths, VR, NVR


Year 6 Essay (1hr/wk) – September ~ January

Essay writing skills are taught extensively in Year 6 and students are expected to write an essay each week based on the essay titles provided. Throughout Year 6 at the OxBridge Centre, students will learn to become sufficiently fluent in managing the general demands of the Year 7 essay writing curriculum. Our materials are designed to encourage students to reflect purpose in their writing by selecting appropriate vocabulary and grammar and control sentence structure; all whilst understanding why sentences are constructed the way they are.


Year 6 Essay: Advanced (1hr/wk) – February ~ July

Not only is this period the end of an era for 11+ exam students, but it is also the beginning of their thriving secondary school career. They will need to prepare to embark on the new challenges that await them at secondary school level. It is important that you are aware of the GCSE and AS/A-Level system that lies ahead in your child’s future. There are opportunities for your child to take these exams a year early if they are well prepared and in the advanced classes at school. This is the reason we aim to fully prepare our students for all the challenges they will experience at secondary school.

These classes mainly focus on essay writing skills to enable students to independently write sound essays. This will prove to be an immense advantage at secondary school where essay-writing skills are absolutely crucial in all areas of study.


Year 6 Maths (1hr/wk) – September ~ January

These courses focus on reviewing and testing the students on all the mathematical concepts they will need to grasp for the upcoming exams. The papers are comprised mainly of high-level problem solving questions, challenging students to apply their skills further. These courses enable students to tackle even the most difficult mathematics questions, so they will be well equipped for both grammar and independent schools.


Year 6 Maths: Advanced (1hr/wk) – February ~ July

We encourage repetitive practice in calculations for students who struggle with mental arithmetic to enhance their basic calculating skills. Lessons on topics which students tend to find more challenging, such as fractions, percentages and decimals, are taught over a number of weeks throughout the year to achieve perfect understanding. The curriculum has been set out to support students in preparation for Year 7. Every seven weeks there will be a review test to build on understanding.

The weekly workbooks covering different topics not only enhance students’ abilities to tackle different types of questions, including problem solving questions, but the materials have also been specifically designed to engage students.


What are Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning Tests ?

Verbal and non-verbal reasoning tests are used in the secondary school selection process. Reasoning skills are a form of critical thinking and the tests are aimed to assess a child’s ability with words, numbers, shapes and space. Whilst it is important that these skills should be developed and practised, they are not curriculum-based, so aren’t compulsory in school education.


Year 6 VR (1hr/wk)

This course is designed to help children improve their abilities to understand and reason using words. During the course, students will be taught how to think about text, how to solve word problems, how to follow written instructions to come up with a solution, how to spot letter sequences and how to crack letter- and number-based codes. In the Year 6 VR course, a practice test is held every week.


Year 6 NVR (1hr/wk)

Non verbal reasoning is not dependant on the English language; the questions use drawings, shapes and codes in mathematical concepts such as symmetry, rotation, direction and shape. This course is specially designed to enhance students' critical thinking and logic to solve problems and their mathematical capabilities. OxBridge's own NVR materials have been developed to be based around mathematical concepts - symmetry, rotation, mirroring, shape, size and direction - and to help pupils' repetitive yet various practices as well as their good understanding of the mathematical concepts. In the Year 6 NVR Course, a practice test is held every week.

Special Courses

Summer Intensive Course

These courses introduce work at a higher level so students can become more confident as they start their new academic years. To ensure that our courses are beneficial and of the highest quality, our teachers have spent great time and effort in planning the lessons.

Mock Test

Our Mock Tests aim to help students build up their confidence and help eliminate the fear of formal tests. All Mock Tests are done under real exam conditions to help students experience similar environments to that of the real entrance exams.

Half-term & Holiday Courses

Holidays can become a little bit tedious with the same old activities over and over again. So, why not send your children to OxBridge Centre during holidays for our fun-packed classes that will both challenge and encourage them to learn?

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