Cavendish Centre

Cavendish Centre

Mon~Fri 10:00~20:00
Sat 10:00~16:00

address : Cavendish House, Cavendish Avenue, New Malden, Surrey KT3 6QQ
e-mail :
landline : 0208 949 8838


Special Courses

Summer Intensive Course

These courses introduce work at a higher level so students can become more confident as they start their new academic years. To ensure that our courses are beneficial and of the highest quality, our teachers have spent great time and effort in planning the lessons.

Mock Test

Our Mock Tests aim to help students build up their confidence and help eliminate the fear of formal tests. All Mock Tests are done under real exam conditions to help students experience similar environments to that of the real entrance exams.

Half-term & Holiday Courses

Holidays can become a little bit tedious with the same old activities over and over again. So, why not send your children to OxBridge Centre during holidays for our fun-packed classes that will both challenge and encourage them to learn?

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