The Challenge?

The OxBridge Centre UK will run regular competitions, open to our students and the public, in English and Maths. These fun competitions will help to test students' skills, and provide a fantastic incentive for taking pride in academic achievement. See below for the most recent competition, instructions, prizes and previous winning entries in our hall of fame.


OxBridge will release its competition starter on competition Fridays. This starter will be posted first on Social Media, and later on this page... Follow our social media for a head start in each competition! The starter will describe the activity to be undertaken by each participant, which could range from writing a story, to an essay, to a maths challenge, or some art work. You will be given a deadline by which to respond - please send in a clear and legible photo of the work, to The work should be saved with the name of the participant, their age group, and the competition date - work sent in otherwise will not be accepted.

  • How to enter: As simple as sending us your completed work via email! Remember to save it as: name, age, competition date.

  • Rules: All work should be the students' own work (at the judges discretion) and handwritten. Work submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. Work will be judged in two age categories: 6-9; and, 10+. Each competition will explain further what it is you have to do. That's it!

  • Prizes: The winner of each age group will be announced within a week of submission. Each winner will be informed, and will receive a £20 Amazon voucher!

  • OxBridge Centre UK reserves the right to judge each competition according to its own criteria - and its decision is final! No appeals against any prizes will be permitted. By submitting your work for the competition, you are permitting OxBridge to use this material in its marketing campaigns and Social Media.

July 9th Winners: Sofia Ivanes (9); Marina Kozlov (10)
Runners Up: Mayra Hathiramani (9); Luis Spadano (9); Rishi Damalcheruvu (11); Pranavi Lutukurthy (11)
June 4th Winners: Nikhil Karnam (10); Saanvi Thathvam (8)
Runners Up: Jessica Singh (8); Viraj Yadav (9); Adam Maouche (10); Rishi Damalcheruvu (11)
May 21st Winners: Nivedha Sudhakar (8); Riya Shah (11)
Runners Up: Kirtika Karnam (7); Timmy Vichayanrat (9); Daniel Xu (10); Kayra Birol (10)

Writing Comp

Write a 500 word persuasive essay on the topic "Should plastic be made illegal?". Entries should be handwritten. Entries due by the 4th August. Email to

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