Mock Test

All our Mock Tests will be held at Kings College School, Wimbledon.
Mock Test 1 will be in the Grand Hall and Mock Test 2 will be held in the New Hall.

Further details for travel and entrance requirements will be communicated once places are confirmed.

Mock Test 1
Round 1 - 4th June

Mock Test 2
Round 1 - 20th August
Round 2 - 27th August

Each exam will be 50 minutes with a 10 minute break between.

Our morning session will run from 9am (Drop Off) - 11.20am (Collection)

In order to book please complete the Booking Form and make a payment of the £100 deposit, or the price of the test (whichever is less) at a minimum.

Mock Test 1 - 28th May

Mock Test 2 - 13th August

You can take Mock Test 1 and Mock Test 2 separately from each other, however if you are taking Mock Test 2 you need to commit to taking both Rounds of exams.

These rounds will cover the first and second test format which you are likely to encounter for the 11+

In most 11+ exams (particularly in the Sutton and Kingston areas) students will be expected to complete a first stage exam in a Multiple Choice Format and a second stage with written responses.

Both require practice and refining as they both factor into your final score!

In June we will only be offering a Round 1 mock, while in August we will be offering practice of both in back-to-back weeks.

Yes. Our Mock intends to match the real 11+ format as closely as possible. This is a crucial experience as for many it is their first formal exam experience.

For cancellations we can offer a 100% refund 2 weeks before the test and 75% 1 week before.

Mock Test 1
100% - 21st May
75% - 28th May

Mock Test 2
100% - 6th August
75% - 13th August

We are offering 20% off the full price if you book all 3 tests.

  1. We will be generating and sending all students taking the course a Student Number and a School Number which students will need to memorise before they arrive.
  2. They will need a pencil case (See Through) containing:
    • 2 x B Pencil
    • 1 x Rubber
    • 1 x Ruler
    • 1 x Compass
    • 1 x Protractor
    • 1 x Sharpener
    And NO calculator or pen.
  3. A transparent Water Bottle

In a number of the 11+ exam (and all formal national exams moving forward) students are identified by number:

Their Student Number - Which is an individual identifier as students may have the same name.
Oxbridge will be using our own unique numbers different from the ones they will have in September.

Their School Number - An identifier for the School they are currently educated in.
We will be using an auto-generated centre number for our Mocks.

We will be compiling a feedback report which will include an assessment of:
  • Knowledge
  • Answering Methodology
  • Exam Hall Conduct
  • Preparation
You will also be given a Ranking based on exam score.