Year 4 Summer Intensive Course

Online SIC
£95 per subject

  • Essay Writing, Maths
  • July 24th to August 11th; Monday - Friday
  • Classes between 9am and 4pm
  • 60 minute lessons
  • Max. 7 students per class
  • Flexible Course Selection.
  • +5% Siblings Discount
  • BigBlueButton online learning environment
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Our Y4 Summer Intensive Course is designed to act as a springboard for students gearing up their preparations for 11+ examinations. We aim for students to be given the key foundational tools and learning attitudes that they will need to succeed, so that throughout Year 5, they can focus on tackling weaknesses, the toughest concepts, and developing mastery of the full range of content.

This course will be conducted on an online learning environment called BigBlueButton, where students will have the undivided attention of our expert tutors and an exclusive space to focus in small groups on collaborative, interactive and individual study.

As an outcome of this course we expect that all participating students will gain an understanding of the level of rigour required to succeed in the 11+, develop the core methodologies to tackle exams and self-study, and will have fun in the process!


Year 4 Essay Writing booklet thumbnail

Essay Writing
  • 1 hour
  • This course seeks to set students up for success by giving explicit, memorable guidance that students can follow when tackling a range of formal and creative essay types, and giving ample opportunity to apply these skills and analyse their expert use by authors. Through our 20+ years of experience, we have found that the earlier students learn how to approach Essay Writing (a skill not always taught effectively in primary school), the better their chances of success in the 11+.
  • By the end of the course, we expect that students should know:
    • How to plan and structure an essay effectively;
    • How to write for varied purposes, such as persuasion, opinion, information and narration; and
    • How to understand and interpret the creative choices writers make; and
    • How to apply figurative language to their own creative writing.

Year 4 Maths booklet thumbnail

  • 1 hour
  • This course provides students with the foundational knowledge that they need to be able to approach the majority of questions they will face at the 11+. Each day focuses on a single topic, giving students the ability to learn the concept, and then progressing on to how to apply it in different instances and for worded problems.
  • By the end of the course, we expect that students should be confident:
    • Tackling increasingly complex arithmetic problems with increasing speed and fluency;
    • Recognising where and how to apply important mathematical knowledge; and
    • Understanding how to work logically and check for accuracy.

Dates and Times

This course runs from 24th July to 11th August, Monday to Friday. Each day, classes will run between 9am and 4.00pm. Each course that you select will run for 60 minutes per day, with a short break after each class.

Your timetable will be bespoke to you, as it is entirely dependent on your chosen subjects and availability.

Homework and Marking

Students will be given a daily homework task for each subject, which will consist of completing their booklets from that day. The following day, their booklets will be marked and returned to you with tutor’s comments, to give rapid feedback on progress, students’ strengths and weaknesses.

To complement this, a report will be generated for each student, summarising this information for you at the end of the course.

In case you’d like to review any of the work with your child after the course itself, markschemes will also be made available to view on the online portal, for 3 weeks after the end of the course.


A 5% Siblings discount is applied for all siblings who have booked onto the Online SIC 2022 at the same time. It applies to same or cross year bookings, and is stackable on top of other Discounts. It only applies to Full 3 week bookings.

We offer a £60 referral credit for all customers who refer a new customer to our SIC. Both referring and referred customers are elegible for this £60 credit, which will be applied to your Tuition fees on return to our centre in the New Academic Year.


We will book students on to our courses on a first-come first-served basis, with full 3 week bookings taking priority. Bookings for less than three weeks will be added to the waiting list, and informed closer to the course start time if there is space.

  • £95 per subject, per week
  • £19 per hour

The price includes:

  • A unique and proprietary OxBridge workbook with each lesson (up to 30 workbooks for full bookings).
  • Daily homework marking with personalised Tutor’s feedback.
  • 60 minutes of tuition per course, per day.
  • Expert tuition, from tutors who have successfully passed students through 11+ examinations.

To register your interest, we require a £100 deposit, or full payment (whichever is less). You will then be placed on a queue for our team to process your booking.

Please note that Full 3 week bookings are given priority and your booking will only be fully confirmed if there is availability and you have made full course payment.

It is possible to pay by installments, on arrangement with our Course Planning Team.

All payments must be completed by 7th July 2023.


BigBlueButton Online Learning Environment