11 Plus Exam Preparation Tips

How to increase your chances of passing

With the oh-so important 11 Plus examinations ever approaching, we want to make sure that you are well-prepared for everything. After all, preparation is the key to success. We have compiled a few useful tips to keep in mind, to lead you up to the best results and the path of success!


• Research what type of questions will be presented for the particular school you are applying to.
Manage your time effectively. Set goals to ensure all topics are covered and identify and allocate more time to weaker areas.
• Take frequent study breaks to keep memory and concentration fresh.
• Take practice tests and try to time it. Mock tests, which replicate the 11 plus test environment, will increase confidence from familiarity, and therefore more likely produce better results.
• Do not cram in the study a few nights before. Space it out well in advance.
• Make a check-list for items you need to take with you to the exam, and pre-prepare it. This includes any essentials such as inhalers, reading glasses, medications.

The night before:

• Make sure you get sufficient sleep, so you can wake up refreshed and alert. Studies have shown that memory is maximized after a full night’s sleep.
• Try to relax and not be nervous. Clear your mind or your sleep may be disturbed. Keep a positive mind.

The day of exam:

• Always read each question thoroughly and make sure you understand exactly what it is asking.
• Do not waste time getting stuck on one question. If you are unsure, don’t panic- break down the question logically. If you are still not sure, mark it clearly, and come back to it later with a fresh mind. Never leave anything blank. At the very least, attempt it with an educated guess.
• Always show all workings out in maths questions and remember to put the correct metric or word at the end of every answer.
• Keep an eye on the time. Pace yourself accordingly.
• Give yourself time to proofread everything at the end (e.g. spelling, metrics, any questions unsure of).
• Relax, do your best and remember: stressing will only hinder your performance. Take a few deep breaths if you feel your nerves rising.

Best of luck for the big day!
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