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We did the 3 week summer course at OxBridge. This was an excellent preparation for not just the Grammar schools but also for the ISEB PRE- test and the second stages at all the private school. The preparation for Verbal reasoning and creative writing went a great way to help my son with the preparation. Excellent teaching and very apt feedback - it give the extra push needed in our preparations. Besides of course the familiarity with Kings school making it easier to make them feel at home in the KCS test. Thank you OxBridge.

Parent(s) of Jijjith (Westminster School)

OxBridge has helped our son a great deal - I love the material they use, it’s original in content and layout. They make it incredibly simple by marking the work, I feel especially his essays were given a more objective and comprehensive feedback. The mocks were challenging to the right level and gave him insight into the real level expected. The intensive courses were perfect for revision. OxBridge is a tuition centre I have recommended to every single friend and will continue to do so as I can’t fault it.

Parent(s) of Mikaeel (Tiffin School)

Regular class and homework helped my daughter in developing required skills from the beginning at a reasonable pace. Class materials are designed to challenge pupils at the right level. Group tuition has helped my daughter to maintain her motivation level and encouraged her to do even better. Thanks to OxBridge for all their assistance.

Parent(s) of Maha (Nonsuch High School for Girls)

We would like to thank the OxBridge tuition for providing prodigious guidance for our daughter, who has qualified for all five grammar schools that she did the examination for, including The Henrietta Barnett School and Tiffin Girls’ School. Not only did they help with the very much needed timely basic revision, but also they helped in improving her confidence and strategy for the 11+ examinations. She enjoyed OxBridge’s interactive sessions and learnt many new techniques to solve difficult problems. She improved significantly in areas where she was not that strong at before. We are very grateful to OxBridge’s teachers and staff who are all incredibly friendly and maintained professionalism throughout the course. In addition to this, their approach to teaching is one that did not fail, as our daughter was fully prepared for the challenges ahead after the course. We wouldn’t be as happy with the results as we are now, without the extraordinary assistance and support of OxBridge.

Parent(s) of Sai (The Tiffin Girls' School)

Enrolling our son at the OxBridge Centre was probably the best decision we made in preparing him for the 11+ exams. He thoroughly enjoyed the interactive classes led by friendly and helpful tutors with a fun approach to learning. We are in no doubt that this equipped him with the relevant support he needed to achieve success in his grammar school exams. Many thanks again to the whole OxBridge team and keep up the good work!

Parent(s) of Yousuf (Sutton Grammar School)

A big thank you for all your support.
My daughter wouldn't have passed all her exams without OxBridge. She has been attending since Year 4 and she has improved so much. She has thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of OxBridge, from the mock exams to the Year 5 summer intensive course. She says that the weekly classes are very enjoyable yet it challenges her. She looks forward to every lesson.
I would definitely recommend OxBridge.
Again, I thank OxBridge for the professional support.

Parent(s) of Naoko (St Paul's Girls' School)

Going to OxBridge is a pleasure for my daughter; she can learn many advanced topics and subjects. This could be very useful and beneficial for grammar school exams or SATs at school.
When my daughter went to OxBridge, at first she had no idea how to do anything; but as weeks passed by, she discovered lots of new information and started to improve a lot. Additionally, there are efficient and kind teachers to help: it makes children feel like studying is enjoyable and should not stop.
I strongly believe going to OxBridge is advantageous and lovely: this really helped me and all other parents having year 6s, to do all their grammar school exams.

Parent(s) of Nivedita (The Tiffin Girls' School)

Our son felt motivated and engaged with the OxBridge process and the feedback given was invaluable. He has secured a place at his first choice Grammar school Sept 2017 and we have already recommended OxBridge to other parents and children pursuing the Grammar school route.

Parent(s) of Jaimin (Sutton Grammar School)

My son absolutely loved attending OxBridge. From the lessons, to the mock tests to the summer intensive course. He loved the tutors and enjoyed their classes and made some really lovely friends.
My husband and I felt that our son thrived at OxBridge and gave him a boost- placing him at a higher level. I felt OxBridge really prepared him for the 11+ and the results have been brilliant.
I have and will continue to highly recommend OxBridge to parents.
I have thanked OxBridge staff along the way however I would love to just say "Thank you" again. We will always be grateful for such an amazing and dedicated team.

Parent(s) of Alexander (King's College School)

A big thank you to the whole of the OxBridge team for their tremendous support.
My daughter started OxBridge from year 4 with a very WEAK maths so had to start maths at year 3 level.
She gradually progressed to year 4 maths and can proudly say she is now excellent in Maths. Thank you OxBridge Team!

Parent(s) of Delphine (Epsom College)

The structure of the weekly timetable is superb.
The students are continually learning and being challenged, yet it is all done with an element of fun.
The mock tests were invaluable as they highlighted any weak areas to be improved on, and being in May, there was plenty of time to address this. The three-week intensive course was immensely helpful in boosting knowledge and cementing application.

Parent(s) of Marcus (King's College School)

I wish to share a secret.
Our son has been offered a place at Wilson's School in Wallington through the local authority selection process, which was our first choice although we live outside of the borough and nine miles away! The result was beyond our expectation. Having received news the previous week Alex had been offered a place at Kingston Grammar we were fortunate that we had a decision to make.
Of course no one can deny the student is the one taking the exams and has to do all the hard work, but without the help from Philip and the team at Oxbridge, there's no doubt we wouldn't be in the very fortunate position we are today. We only arrived back to the UK from 5 years overseas and were ill equipped for the 11+ process at the end of June 2014 enabling Alex to participate in the summer intensive course, he then did a half term course, one session of the mock tests and attended four lessons per week.
The teachers have given so much support and encouragement. They make the lessons interesting and fun. You get the real sense of competition and it helps support your school work by giving you the opportunity to see things from a different perspective, plus the teachers will always answer any questions and provide any support even if its a topic that you are struggling with a school that you are not covering at that moment!
I wholeheartedly recommend Oxbridge - a truly inspirational team of professionals who enjoy seeing the students excel in a fun environment.

Parent(s) of Alexander (Wilson's School)

Our daughter enjoyed her time at the Oxbridge Centre; she would bounce in after school for her weekly tuition, looking forward to seeing her kind and friendly teacher as well as the other children in her group. She managed the weekly homework with a little encouragement and found the content highly relevant when it came to the selection tests. From a parent's point of view, I found the Burlington Road site extremely convenient - literally on our way home from school.
The Oxbridge staff are welcoming, polite, helpful and very professional and the seminar about the selection tests gave us a clear idea of the route to take (it can be confusing!).
Overall, we are delighted with the outcome and our daughter is so happy and excited about joining Tiffin Girls. A big thank you to all the staff at the Oxbridge Centre.

Parent(s) of Katie (The Tiffin Girls' School)

OxBridge is brilliant. Without OxBridge I definitely wouldn't have gotten into Sutton Grammar School or passed the other tests. Thank you so much. I am really grateful for your support. Special thanks to Shaheen who tutored me very well in maths, and Rosie who tutored me equally well in English.

Kishon (Sutton Grammar School)

We are very pleased with the results of the 11+ exams that Niamh have taken (Wellington Girls, Nonsuch, Slough 11+ Consortium and Tiffin Girls). She passed all her tests with high marks.
We are very pleased that we got offered with our first choice. I strongly believe that the Mock Test, Summer Intensive Courses and Group Study have helped her a lot. Many thanks to all the staff and teachers of OxBridge Centre, for all your help. We are recommending OxBridge Centre to our friends and other parents that ask us regarding 11+ tuition.

Parent(s) of Niamh (The Tiffin Girls' School)

I wanted to thank you and the team at OxBridge for your help over the last 2 years. Thanks to OxBridge, Thalia has improved so much and has secured an academic scholarship at Putney High.
As a scholar she has been put into a special group for Maths and English. Once again, thank you very much for your precious help and support.

Parent(s) of Thalia (Putney High School)

I feel that attending OxBridge is a very beneficial and rewarding experience. I have been attending OxBridge classes since July 2011 and since then the level of my work has risen dramatically.
When, in Maths especially, we are given more challenging papers to do, if I don't understand a certain topic, all I have to do is ask and I would be given an explanation worth publishing in a book.
It's the same in English. If I don't know what a certain word means, I just have to ask and I would be given a dictionary definition. I also participated in the OxBridge Mock Tests. I found these extremely helpful as they helped me get used to the amount of people there would be in the 11+ test.
We were given our paper back to have a look at to see where we went wrong. It's because of the help given to me in OxBridge Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal lessons, I got into all the grammar and private schools I tried for.

Debi (The Tiffin Girls' School)

As with so many other parents that we have met, we became increasingly dissatisfied with the quality and quantity of out of school work that was being set.
We therefore enrolled our son at the OxBridge Centre in New Malden at the beginning of 2012, aged 9.
It was soon apparent that he loved the work and environment, and that the small class size along with the dedicated professionalism of the teaching staff gave him the stimulus that he had been lacking.
His work rate and love of academia has come along by leaps and bounds; so much so, that we entered him for 10+ examinations in January this year, which he passed successfully receiving offers to Whitgift, Kingston Grammar and Hampton Boys. Thank you.

Parent(s) of Jacob

I started Oxbridge in October 2011 (year 5) and attended all classes in the 4 main subjects. My experience at the centre was fun and there was always excellent learning. I have been able to be competitive in a small group environment and make new friends.
I would like to thank all the staff at Oxbridge for helping me through my 11plus preparation. Going to Oxbridge twice a week, attending their mock test and summer intensive courses as well as continuous hard work at home has help me gain a place at Tiffin Girls School.
I am glad that I got the School of my choice and I appreciate all the effort and support that I received at OxBridge. Thanks again.

Sorochi (The Tiffin Girls' School)

My son has been having lessons at OxBridge Centre since Year 5 and now, although he has finished his 11+ exams, he still enjoys going there. My son particularly enjoys lessons with Matthews.
I would recommend OxBridge Centre to anyone, who loves to see their child making great progress. OxBridge Centre has proved to be "Great value for Money" through it's highly-focused learning programmes, high-quality and knowledgeable teachers and helpful and cheerful staff.
Since then, my son has made considerable progress, especially with creative writing. He passed almost all of his 11+ Exams and was awarded Scholarships from Hampton and Full Scholarship from Latymer Upper School.
Thank you so much, OxBridge Centre for all your help to my son.

Parent(s) of Dat

My name is Vishuratan Ketheeswaran and I joined OxBridge Centre when I was Year 4. At that time I was terrible in English, Non-Verbal and Verbal Reasoning while in Maths I was quite good. Several months later, I could not believe how amazing I was in English and brilliant at Maths.
When I was in Year 5, I started going Non-Verbal and Verbal Reasoning lessons. In every lesson I went, I got better and better.
OxBridge Centre also gave papers that helped me improve at all the subjects and they also provided fun exercises in the homework. The 11+ was coming close and many students started improving very fast and I was one of them. The exams arrived and I had nothing to worry about. I got my result and passed for all the schools I applied. Tiffin School, Sutton Grammar, Wilson & Wallington School. I also got Full marks for the Tiffin test. Now I am going to Wilson Grammar School because of the staff and teachers of OxBridge Centre. Thank you. OxBridge Centre!


Thank you!
Without you I would not have been able to succeed in my studies.


Thank you for all the help.
Without your help I wouldn't have been get a place at Tiffin School.


Dear Song, Minsun and all the staff at OxBridge Centre.
Thank you so much for organising this intensive course for 11+ children. Davina has gained a lot of practice and improved her vocabulary and also her timing in doing each test. The homework booklet was very useful and systemically helped children to brush up all they have studied over the past few years. I congratulate and wish the teacher who set the homework booklet and the test papers everyday. Having these teachers is an asset to the OxBridge centre. We wish you all the staff and the children at OxBridge centre. May god help and guide you throughout the coming year. The service you provide is well worth of our payments. Thank you once again.

Parent(s) of Davina

Dear OxBridge,
Thank you so much for the past year and a half. OxBridge has helped me earn a place at the Lady Eleanor Holles school and it pains me to say goodbye. I hope I can come back one day. Many thanks to all my teachers and ex-teachers: Matthew(verbal, non-verbal), Ligia(English), Myra(Maths), Sarah(English), Guy(Maths) and Anjana(English). Without their support and encouragement I might have found no joy in study. Please pass my thanks to them. Thank you for the summer course and the mock test too. I will hopefully be visiting Oxbridge tomorrow to both hand in my homework and to tell the news about my two private schools. Again, many thanks for everyone including my friends and classmates for making it more enjoyable. Thank you.


Dear all staff at the OxBridge Centre,
We are Sang-Hwa's parents.
Yesterday, we got the results from all the Independent Schools Sang-Hwa applied for. She received a full bursary at St Paul's School, passed at City of London for Girls School and received an Honorary Academic Scholarship and a full bursary at the Lady Eleanor Holles School.
The start of this great news was back in August when we received a phone call from Dr Nam. We believe that the encouragement we were given by Dr Nam is what led us to be able to share this great news to you all today. We thank you for the materials that Sang-Hwa has been studying with. Both the Maths and English papers taught her how to answer the questions in the exams. The way that you ensured that Sang-Hwa's homework was marked and handed back to her on the day has been an excellent way of teaching, as she was able to revise her mistakes on the day and learn from them straight away.
We also thank you for all the encouraging words you spoke to Sang-Hwa when she felt tired from her studies and we also thank you for giving her the opportunity to study at OxBridge, and thank you for all the useful tips and guidance you provided to help her prepare for her exams.
Yours sincerely,

Parent(s) of SangHwa

Dear Sir / Madam.
I just wanted to let you know that my daughter Sydnie, who only sat the one entrance exam, passed with a score of 381 and now has a place at Nonsuch High School. As you can imagine we are overjoyed and very thankful as this was the only school that we really wanted. I have already recommended your services to other parents. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support during 2008 and wish you and all your staff every success in the future. Yours sincerely,

Parent(s) of Sydnie




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