11+ Preparation Courses for Year 4

Literacy (1hr/wk) - View Sample

This course is designed to help students get prepared in advance for the 11+ exams. By the time most of the intensive 11+ preparations begin in year 5, it is common for students to feel the pressure of the increased workload, and understanding new concepts may be difficult. This preparatory course has proven to be effective in improving students’ performance in school and boosting their confidence at the same time, so that they will be fully prepared by the time they enter into year 5. We believe in the importance of introducing the relevant topics early on, so that students will have a solid foundation to build upon. The English literacy classes will help students broaden their depth and knowledge of grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and spelling, and also introduce concepts of verbal reasoning.

Writing Skills & Reading Comprehension (1hr/wk) - View Sample

This course helps pupils gain and improve the ability to write down their ideas creatively with a good degree of accuracy in spelling and punctuation. Students will improve their writing skills, vocabulary range, sentence structure and their knowledge of linguistic terminology. Throughout this course, students will be encouraged to build on what they have already learnt and taught how to apply it creatively. In particular, students will increase the range of their writing styles and learn to use more varied grammar, vocabulary and narrative structures from which they can draw to express their own ideas. Students will also learn how to demonstrate sound understanding of figurative language, distinguish shades of meaning among related words and use a wide variety of vocabulary.

The ‘Series of Educational Maths’ classes cover all the topics featured in the National Curriculum for year 4. Using all of our own unique materials, students will gain a solid understanding of all fundamental maths topics. The areas which students find more challenging will be taught with more focus. This 45 week course is split into three categories:

Level D Maths
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This essential maths course will improve students’ fundamental calculating skills and their ability to tackle different types of questions. Students will gain a solid understanding of all fundamental maths topics including multiplication, division, fractions, percentages, decimals and measurements. There will be a review test every seven weeks, to not only provide revision of previous topics, but also to assess students’ understanding and application to focus on improving any weak areas. Throughout the year, students will build confidence in numbers, calculations and all topics relevant to the 11 Plus. This will ensure that they will be fully prepared to enter into year 5 and ready for the 11 Plus.
Problem Solving
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This course focuses on building the skills necessary to solve worded maths problems accurately and efficiently, which is a key element of the 11 Plus stage 2 test. Students will learn how to analyse and approach different worded problem solving questions, and how to solve them step-by-step. Throughout this course, students will build their confidence and knowledge in a broad range of maths topics and when presented with worded problems.
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