11+ Regular Courses for Year 5

Our Year 5 English lessons will continue to develop pupils' true understanding of the language, which will enhance their reading and writing skills at the same time. They will become familiar with a wide range of advanced vocabulary in their 11 Plus classes and also begin to write more expressively and creatively, using this as an opportunity to illustrate their personal style. They will learn to write effectively and efficiently, and also become disciplined to be broadly accurate in their grammar, punctuation and spelling. This 45 week course, which features a valuable review test every 7 weeks, is split into the following three categories:

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There has recently been a stronger emphasis on the importance of literacy in the UK. This course has been created to provide all the necessary language skills featured in the 11 Plus curriculum and also to form a solid foundation in English. This includes the accurate use of punctuation, strengthening grammar and other essentials like spelling.
Reading Comprehension
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This course focuses on developing reading and analytical skills to a more advanced level. It is important to not only be able to read and understand texts, but also to analyse given information, improve vocabulary and make intelligent inferences. These are the skills which will be acquired and honed throughout this course.
Creative & Essay Writing
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This course will help students delve deeper into essay writing by teaching all the necessary writing techniques needed for 11 Plus preparation and further. This includes the use of figurative language, such as metaphors and similes, using more advanced vocabulary and learning to structure essays into a clear beginning, middle and end. Students will develop strong creative writing skills throughout this course.

Our SEM (Series of Educational Maths) Maths classes cover all the topics featured in the National Curriculum for the 11 Plus and year 5. Throughout this course, students will learn to stretch their abilities further, by ensuring sound understanding of all taught topics to an advanced level. The areas which students tend to find more challenging are taught with more focus. This 45 week course is split into the following three categories:

Level E Maths
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This course covers different topics every week, which will improve pupils' fundamental calculating skills and their ability to tackle different types of questions, including problem solving questions. The workbooks have been specially designed to bring out the fun in maths, so topics which students have found more challenging, such as fractions, percentages and decimals, are mastered with ease and gratification throughout the year . Review tests occur every seven weeks, to not only provide revision of previous topics, but also to assess students’ understanding and application. Students will build confidence in numbers, calculations and all topics relevant to the 11 Plus.
Problem Solving
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The focus of this course is on building the skills necessary to solve worded maths problems, which is a key element of the 11 Plus Stage 2 Test. This level features a combination of numeracy and mixed problem solving questions. Students will learn how to analyse and approach different questions, and how to solve problems step-by-step. Throughout the course, students will build confidence and knowledge in a broad range of maths topics and when presented with worded problems.

What is Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning?

Reasoning skills are a form of critical thinking, and tests are aimed to assess the pupils' ability with words, numbers, shapes and spaces. This course is not curriculum-based as it is not compulsory in school education. However, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning are a major part of the 11 Plus and therefore must be developed and practised.

Verbal Reasoning (VR)
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This course will help pupils improve their abilities to understand and reason using vocabulary. Throughout the course, students will be taught how to:
  • - evaluate text
  • - solve worded problems
  • - follow written instructions and come up with solutions
  • - spot letter sequences
  • - crack letter and number based codes
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Non-Verbal Reasoning is not dependant on the English language; it is based on understanding drawings, shapes and symbols, as well as mathematical concepts, such as symmetry rotation, direction and shapes. This course has been specially designed to enhance students’ critical thinking and logic in understanding and solving non-verbal problems, as well as improving mathematical capabilities. OxBridge Centre's own NVR workbooks are based around mathematical concepts – similarity, code, analogy, metric, odd one out and sequence. Throughout this course, pupils will gain a strong grasp of how to solve non-worded problems and of the different concepts through repetition and variation of mathematical practices.
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