Holiday Courses

Summer Intensive Course

This is the biggest event of the year - our Summer Intensive Course is designed to give Y4 and 5 students the edge in their 11+ exams. Our Course stimulates learning in a fun environment using high-quality, interactive materials.

Mock Tests

Our in-person 11+ Mock Tests help children refine their exam technique under exam conditions, to help them prepare for the big day. Furthermore, by participating with a large pool of examinees, participants are able to accurately compare themselves with peers past and present, and identify areas for individual improvement. Exams are in English, Literacy, Maths and Numeracy.

October Half Term

This is the first holiday course of the academic year. For year 6 students, it is an opportunity to polish off their 11+ revision and for Year 5 students it is the perfect time to focus on introducing 11+ concepts.

February Half Term

This is a booster course for Year 5s and an introduction into the world of 11+ preparation for Year 4s.

Easter Intensive Course

The purpose of this course is to revise topics that our students have learnt in previous academic years with a particular focus on introducing how to apply this knowledge in an examination setting to achieve top marks.

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