Our Approach to Tuition

OxBridge welcomes students from all backgrounds and we endeavour to help our students maximise their God-given potential in their studies through our own approach to tuition.

  • 1. Initial Consulation

    This is where we find out what it is exactly that you are looking for. If we find that we are able to help your child, we will ask you to arrange an assessment with us.

  • 2. Assessment*

    This is an essential part of our approach to tuition, as it is through the assessment tests that we are able to clearly assess your child's level and cater for their needs accordingly.

  • 3. Assessment Feedback*

    This is done in the form of an oral report, stating the results of your child's assessment test and in most cases, it is reported to you on the same day of the test.

  • 4. Class Allocation*

    From the results of your child's assessment, we allocate them to a class that is most suitable for his/her level and which will help them make the most progress.

  • 5. Monitoring

    Once your child starts lessons with us, his/her progress will be monitored regularly through tests, classwork, homework and feedback from their teachers.

  • 6. On-going Regular Consultations

    The progress of your child is monitored on a regular basis and is reported back to you, the parent, to keep you involved in your child's learning process.

  • 7. Continual Advice from our Teachers

    Our dedicated teachers are always happy to give feedback, progress updates and sound advice for our students and their parents to help keep them working at their very best. Our 7-step approach to tuition has proven to be successful in helping our students attain places at their first-choice schools and have brought their levels up where they are able to reveal their full potential in their studies.

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